– Jean-Hervé J., CEO of Software Company, France / London

“I have been an active yogi for the past 15 years and as the CEO of a software company, my travels have taken me to many parts of the world including India where I practice with the Viniyoga healing foundation​ in Chennai​. I have recently come across a new type of yoga mat made of cork from ZO​LO​ Wellness. I very much like the texture which makes it very comfortable and absorbs perspiration very well. Also, it’s longer than other mats which is great for tall guys like me. Finally it is very pretty and looks different from other mats.”

– Nick Y., Art Connoisseur, Hong Kong

“The mat is the perfect upgrade of my yoga kit. I perspire a lot, whether in hot classes or not, and not satisfied with simply putting a towel on a mat which slips and slides. This mat has a very firm grip under wet and hot conditions, and the texture feels natural and organic. Perfect for hot vinyasa classes.”

– Susanna N., Dancer, Ohio / Hong Kong

“I am a dancer and have been practicing yoga for many years, but had never tried a mat made out of cork before. As soon as I set foot on the ZOLO Active Cork Mat, it exceeded any expectations of comfort and durability. The aspect that appealed to me the most about the ZOLO Active Mat was that when wet, it somehow had even more grip. This mat is ideal for any yogi who wants to move freely while completely trusting the support underneath them.”

– Vinod R., Food and Beverage Consultant, India / Hong Kong

“Remarkable grip while practicing yoga, especially when I break out in to a major sweat. I love doing Yoga on this eco-friendly (material) mat. Yoga for a good cause.”

​- M Casalis., Business Intelligence for an Auction House, London / Hong Kong

“As a regular participant in Soccer/Football, a couple of years ago I found that stretching through yoga is a great complement in terms of taking better care of my muscles as I often felt very tight after playing. Since moving to Hong Kong I started to practice many styles/teachings of yoga such as Vinyasa, Yin and Hot Classes. The problem I found was the studio mats lacked grip (especially during hot classes) and I found this inadequate to perform yoga safely as well as being able to fully conduct the stretches. The ZOLO Active Mat solved all issues, not only is it compact, easy to carry and can roll out perfectly (with PVC the ends curl and takes time to fully be flat), the extra grip made my post football match stretching and yoga practice a lot easier and most importantly safer to do. In terms of appearance the yoga mat looks stylish and is friendly to the environment which is key as I strongly disapprove of the ‘standard’ PVC plastic mats. Whilst using this product you can sense ZOLO has used materials to add a personal touch and to counteract problems found during exercise.”