Christa Moser – Founder of ZOLO Wellness, is a lover of people, health, the environment as well as a hot yoga enthusiast. 

Based in Hong Kong, she was introduced to a lifestyle of holistic living at a young age.  Moreover, after working in the hospitality industry and seeing much wastage, she was inspired by the fascinating material of cork and all of its benefits. 

Finding challenges in the hot yoga room with slipping and terrible odors from the previous practitioner, she put the two together for the purpose of the environment and the practice.  Moreover, being in Hong Kong where the weather is humid and surprise rain downpours can occur, slipping was always an issue when practicing outside. Cork can be used outdoors in direct sunlight and still remain comfortable to the touch.  It also remains grippier with a more persistent non-slip surface.

Born out of a search for the perfect mat, the ZOLO Active Mat has a reliable non-slip surface, unrivalled in its eco-friendly properties.  The ZOLO Active Mat is made from cork (from the Shaanxi Province) and recycled rubber (from Malaysia). With a classy look, the unique ZOLO Active Mat is the perfect medium to practice in any location, in any climate.

Christa also collects cork from Bars and Restaurants in Hong Kong for recycling.