8 Essential Accessories for Yoga – What a Modern Yogi Needs

While yoga may have begun thousands of years ago as the practice of the deities and the sages, it is, today, one of the hottest, the hippest, and yet the most effective way to keep both, mind and body in the best of shape. Today, yoga mats, blocks and other accessories are a routine part of any gym, any workout class. 

The present millennium has actually face lifted yoga, so much so, that people all around the world have come to embrace it with arms wide open. Hot yoga, power yoga, hot power yoga, and more such cousins of this discipline are making rounds globally and giving you and me, what we have always pined for – health and fitness without spending a major part of our earnings. So now you have yogis and yoginis in the making everywhere you go.

But hey well, it’s the 21st century, and we don’t expect you to be out in the jungle and live a life of austerity. Yoga is very much a part of the urban lifestyle now and so are yoga accessories. Yes, there are certain accessories that are essential and here are 9 of them that you must own.


1.  A Comfy Yoga Mat

Well, don’t even think of practicing the discipline without it, or you may end up with aching knees and a numb rump. Rubber is the usual options most people go for, but if you are a sweaty booty, it may only make you skate while you are trying to get your asana (pose) right. You can go for cork mats, which are not only waterproof, non-slip, anti-allergenic, but also 100% biodegradable. If you ask me, that is what I always go for.  My favorite is the ZOLO Active Cork Yoga mat by ZOLO Wellness. bit.ly/2rTght2bit.ly/2rTght2


4. Sturdy Yoga Blocks

If you are a novice, you may not be able to fathom the importance of these blocks right now, but soon you will. They are a great way to balance and reach for better poses when you are still not an adept. Take my advice – grab one for yourself. These are also available in cork material, which makes them non-slip and sturdier than the other ones.


3. An Eco-friendly Cleaning Spray

Yes, clean you must. Just like you change your sweaty clothes and launder them, you must clean your mat, blocks, and straps whenever you drench them in sweat. It will keep you away from illness, and your accessories from getting spoiled.


4. Yoga Strap(s)

This strap will aid you just like the blocks, the only difference being its function. It will help you in maintaining grips and performing those poses better, which involve pulling the limbs.



5.  A spacious, Yet Handy Yoga Bag

So, you won’t be carrying around your yoga mats, deodorant, straps, etc, in your hands, right? That’s too much clutter when you actually are headed to decluttering. So, get a roomy yoga bag that can accommodate more than your mat. ZOLO is coming out with 2 new types of bags — STAY TUNED.


6. Zafa Cushion / Yoga Bolster

These are a true blessing for sitting exercises and meditation. Your legs, rump and back will thank you for using one, especially if you spend long hours practicing yoga. I’d recommend those with buckwheat hull, but there is actually ample choice.




7. Absorbent Hand Towels

This one is a no brainer, my friend, you will need to wipe it off and stay dry. So, keep one handy. I’ll recommend that you buy a pack of two.



8. Head Band(s)

Sweat is guaranteed during and after a hearty hot yoga session. You don’t want your hair sticking to your forehead and eyes when you are trying to enjoy the bliss that the discipline brings along. Do you? Buy a couple of cool cotton spandex headbands; they sure will be useful, especially, if you have long hair.

So, get your yoga kit ready!

Cork yoga mats, cork yoga blocks, cleansing spray and straps can be found at bit.ly/2rTght2bit.ly/2rTght2